As an ISO14001 Certified manufacturer, Gregory leads the Australian furniture industry with its Circular-Economy program to minimise its environmental impact. Many importers have “programs” to take back their seating at the end of the products life but the reality is that they lack even the basic manufacturing facilities to deliver this promise. Gregory is a genuine Australian manufacturer and has a genuine local disassembly and recycling capability, to offer a genuine whole of life service.

Gregory also has a refurbishment program to give a second life to various products. We currently provide this unmatched sustainability service to a number of the major banks for their visitor seating. Gregory also has the capability of refurbishing a large part of our range which allows our customers optimum sustainability opportunities and minimises waste.

Here’s a picture of us recycling chairs and turning them into brand new ones for Westpac branches.

CeCe Chair Refurbishment - Westpac - Sustainability

Gregory’s Circular-Economy take-back program means Gregory has the capability to take back and fully disassemble Gregory chairs at the end of their product life. Gregory will recycle individual components and recycle or dispose of components correctly in its factory. The take-back program is priced at $35 per chair (this price will vary over the years due to inflation).

Gregory can also take back non-Gregory chairs, this will involve a higher price as we are not aware of the material content or reusability in non-Gregory product.

Our Circular-Economy take-back program optimises our ability to provide our customers with the best in class ergonomics and sustainability while minimising waste.